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PROTOGA, a microalgae-based ingredients manufacturer, was found in 2021, which provides microalgae CDMO and customized services as well. Our core competencies include the development of microalgae synthetic biotechnology, large-scale production of economic algae strains, extraction and separation of algal components, delivering high-quality microalgal ingredients and microalgae technical services for customers.

PROTOGA Founder, Dr. Xiao, was graduated from Tsinghua University where he studied and obsessed about microalgae during his PhD program. As Xiao learned more about microalgae, he believed that microalgae were the promising cell for engineered manufacturing and environment.

Along with population increasing and environmental deterioration, global hunger and food shortage are getting worse and worldwide, Dr. Xiao deemed microalgae was the solution to help people live healthily and protect the Earth. Dr. Xiao has built a team of experts specialized in microalgal synthetic biology and scale production to launch novel microalgae ingredients and technical services in nutrition, health care, animal food and other fields.

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Microalgae are microscopic algae capable of performing photosynthesis, living in both the water column and sediment. Unlike higher plants, microalgae do not have roots, stems, or leaves. They are specially adapted to an environment dominated by viscous forces. Over 15,000 novel compounds originating from algal biomass have been chemically determined. Examples include carotenoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, enzymes, glucan, peptides, toxins and sterols. Besides providing these valuable metabolites, microalgae is regarded as a potential nutraceuticals, food, feed supplements and cosmetic ingredients.



Compared to fish oil and animal-based food, microalgae are sustainable and environmental-friendly. Microalgae would be promising solutions for existing problem in food industry, farming and global warming.

PROTOGA is committed to developing microalgal innovative technology that accelerates the industrialization reform of microalgae industry, helping to alleviate the global food crisis, energy shortage and environmental pollution. We believe microalgae can inspire a new world that people live in a healthy and green way.

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Yibo Xiao
Chief Executive Officer

team (2)

Junmin Pan
Chief Scientist

team (3)

Qingyu Wu
Chief Adviser

team (4)

Yujiao Qu
Biotechnology Director

team (5)

Yue Lu
Chief Engineer

team (6)

Zhu Han
Production Center General Manager

team (7)

Lily Du
Marketing & Sales Director

team (8)

Shuping Cao
Chief Operating Officer